“Splinter Cell” Anime & “Dungeons” Update

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

“John Wick” writer Derek Kolstad continues doing press this week and talked with Collider again, this time about Netflix’s anime series adaptation of Ubisoft’s hit stealth shooter franchise “Splinter Cell”.

Clocking in at eight half-hour episodes for the first season and aiming to run for at least two seasons, Kolstad says he’s in the process of ‘finishing up’ the bible for the season before sending it off.

He confirms each season will be self-contained, outside of the evolution of the main character and episodes will have one big overarching story and one background story:

“I like the idea of following two different timelines, and being introduced to a character both upon inception and where he is now… [because] it just leaves the audience wanting more.”

Kolstad also touched upon the TV series adaptation of role-playing tabletop game “Dungeons & Dragons”. That one he has delivered the series bible to eOne who are producing it and says the show keeps the focus intimate and character-driven this early on, more hinting at the larger world to come:

“I don’t want to suddenly throw everything on screen and say, ‘Here’s the buffet.’ You’d much rather keep the story intimate. When you think of our favorite movies, I’d rather do the First Blood version. It’s a guy in the woods being hunted. And it’s very small, but you allude to the other things through conversation. You hear a name that 3% of the audience is like, ‘Ho ho, I think we’re going to see him soon.’

I think the thing is just to take a deep breath, to go into it slowly, and to just respect the world, and as you adapt, certain things need to change. But you better not touch the heart and soul of why people love this thing.”

The series is separate from John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein’s planned feature film version starring Chris Pine. Kolstad says the first season will likely have six to ten episodes.

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