Anti-stalker Male Voice Clip Collection for Women Who Live Alone released by Japanese band【Video】

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel

Golden Bomber wants to help women keep unwanted callers and visitors from knowing they live by themselves.

The importance of image is right there in the genre name for Japan’s visual kei bands, and that goes double for Golden Bomber. Aside from vocalist Sho Kiryuin, the band’s members don’t actually perform their music, but their personalities and on-stage personas have won them a large and loyal following.

Recently, the band did something to endear themselves to their fans even more, with the release of a unique video through their official YouTube channel. It’s not concert or interview footage, though, but a video titled Useful Male Voice Clip Collection for Women Who Live Alone.

The roughly six-minute-long video is a series of sentences spoken by Kiryuin in a clearly annunciated yet natural-sounding voice, and is intended to be of service to women who live by themselves

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