Seiji attempts to moonwalk his way out of the curse of Osahimabashi【Haunted Japan】

Originally published on Sora News by Master Blaster

A legendary curse versus a legendary dance move.

With such a long, rich history Japan is a land full of legends and superstitions. From demon burial sites to forbidden forests, there’s no shortage of locations with paranormal backstories for us to investigate.

This time, we headed to the uninhabited island of Oshima. The island has its own mythos, but this article is going to focus solely on the bridge leading to it, Oshimabashi. 

This bridge has one simple rule: Never turn back on it.

It’s exactly the kind of rule that puts our neurotic and superstitious reporter Seiji Nakazawa on edge. For example, what exactly constitutes “turning back?” What if he dropped his keys along the way and slightly turned around to pick them up? What if he slipped on a banana peel and fell backwards, but basically kept going forwards?

To find out, Seiji put his

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