These beautiful pieces of sushi aren’t actually sushi

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel

We make ourselves a treat that looks the part, but is actually for dessert.

Like a lot of Japan-based foodies, we generally find ourselves in one of two mental states: currently eating sushi, or looking forward to the next time we get to eat sushi. Occasionally, though, other cravings manage to work their way to the surface of our conscious thoughts, and the other day one of them was “We want some sweets.”

However, it should go without saying that we can never completely suppress our desire to eat sushi, and so we decided to try to satisfy both of our desires by making some sushi sweets.

Rather than try to adapt strips of raw fish into a dessert, we figured the wiser thing to do would be to make a dessert that looks like sushi, and Japanese novelty snack maker Kracie was there to help us

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