Utada Hikaru explains “why getting over someone is so painful”

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel


J-pop star reflects on the people she’s had to say goodbye to, and why that can hurt like nothing else.

J-pop megastar Utada Hikaru has never presented herself as a delicate or timid vocalist. Yet fans know that for as strong and clear as her voice can be, there’s a certain bittersweet, wistfully yearning quality to her voice, adding a layer of complexity to her greatest hits.

So when Utada was asked about the sorrow that comes when a personal relationship comes to its end, it’s no surprise that she had something deep to say. The question was originally posed to the singer in 2020, but her answer, which she gave as part of one of her English-language Instagram Live sessions, has been generating talk on Japanese Twitter again recently, with some seeing parallels to the themes of anime franchise Evangelion, for which Utada supplied the ending theme

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