Why is the Japanese wig industry flourishing in the pandemic when other businesses struggle?

Originally published on Sora News by Dale Roll


Sales not of party wigs or cosplay wigs, but everyday wigs–especially for men–are booming right now!

Since the pandemic started around this time last year, many businesses have been struggling to make ends meet. In addition to many being forced to close or limit their hours last year, with the change of lifestyle that came from “stay-home” and “no crowd” recommendations, the demand for many products and services has also tanked.

For example, since so many people have been working from home, no one has had to shop for business and professional attire, leading major Japanese suit retailer Aoki to suffer a loss of 11.4 billion yen (US$104 million) between April and December last year. Dress shoe maker Regal Corporation has also seen a loss of 2.6 billion yen, and is resorting to laying off 100 people, so things are not easy even for businesses that were highly successful

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