GOOSSHUSSHU! Hitachi has an insane onomatopoeia troubleshooting guide for its washing machine

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel

Thanks, Hitachi…we think…

No matter how well-made an appliance is, eventually it’ll wear out, sticking you with either a hefty repair bill or having to bite the bullet and just buy a new unit altogether. However, even a washing machine that has nothing wrong with it will still make all sorts of sloshing and whirring sounds while its running, so how can you tell which noises are perfectly fine and which indicate something is about to break?

If you’re the owner of a Hitachi-brand drum-type (front-loading) washing machine, you can check out their online FAQ page on the subject, which has a helpful explanation of all the sounds that a properly operating machine will make during its wash cycle. Well, more accurately, the explanation would be helpful, if it also wasn’t absolutely insane in terms of how much baffling onomatopoeia it has.

Join us as we descend down

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