Public schools in Japan’s Saga Prefecture will no longer regulate/check students’ underwear color

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel

“Male” and “female” uniform designations, character strap prohibitions also removed.

Over the last several months, there’s been an increasing sentiment in Japan that it’s time for schools to take another look at their student conduct rules, and ask if they’re all really contributing to a better learning environment. One of the most controversial policies: schools that say students must wear white underwear.

The major point of contention isn’t so much even whether or not kids should be allowed to wear other colors of underwear. The problem is that, since schools naturally want to make sure their rules are being followed, a white underwear-only dress code results in teachers looking at students’ underwear, either by having a teacher/administrator pull girls’ bra straps up through their collar to check the color or visually scanning students’ underwear choices while they’re changing for P.E. class.

In response to growing concerns that such

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