We order microwavable takeout ramen from a ramen shop…but is it as good as eating in-house?

Originally published on Sora News by Dale Roll


Is getting ramen for takeout even worth it?

At least the pandemic brought us one good thing: a lot more restaurants in Japan are offering food to-go than ever before. While previously most takeout options were bentos and fast food, now you can get almost anything to-go, and it’s glorious!

One food you probably wouldn’t think to take out is ramen, but at Kyoto-based ramen chain Tenka Ippin, you can! And we’re not talking just ramen broth on its own, or the kind of takeout ramen where you have to bring your own pot. Tenka Ippin is actually offering take-home, microwaveable ramen sets that are perfect for when you want some tasty takeout–and they’re almost as delicious as eating at the restaurant.

The set is known as “Renchin Ramen”, named after the Japanese word for microwaves and the chime they sound when they’re done. The price for

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