We use makeup from Japanese kids’ anime Tropical-Rouge! PreCure on our adult faces【Photos】

Originally published on Sora News by Katy Kelly


Will we look as glamorous as Cure Summer if we use the products in the show?

Another year heralds the arrival of a brand new season of super-popular magical girl anime Pretty Cure, abbreviated as PreCure for short. The series has been keeping its target audience of kids entertained since it first debuted in 2004, and the most recent series, Tropical Rouge PreCure, has already made a big splash with old and new fans alike.

The characters stop by a cosmetic store called Pretty Holic in the show itself, and thanks to common collaborator Bandai, you can purchase their wares out in the real world! The cosmetics are intended for kids, as you might intuit from their chunky plastic cases and vibrant colors, but our adult Japanese-language reporter Ayaka Idate is such an avid PreCure watcher that she decided to treat herself.

▼ Make-up features in the transformation

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