From April onward all price tags and ads in Japan must reflect final cost with sales tax included

Originally published on Sora News by Ingrid Tsai

Retailers and stores rush to implement new rule.

If there’s one thing about living in Japan permanent residents, long-haulers, and short-term residents are familiar with, it’s the unique way some price tags are labeled in the country. Often phrased as 税込 (zeikomi), or “tax included,” many times the prices you see on shelves and tags are actually what you pay for at the cashier. Some retailers and stores, however, have opted out from displaying their prices in this fashion, except from April onward, they’ll be required to reflect sales tax within the displayed cost of a product or service.

▼ No, that 100 yen cream bun hasn’t become 110 yen overnight.

Previously, retailers could get away with not listing the total cost of a product and simply adding one of the following three phrases to prices: “+ 税,” “税抜き,” and “本体価格,” which respectively translated to “plus tax,”

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