“Voyagers” Director Talks That PG-13

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

This weekend sees the release of Neil Burger’s “Voyagers,” a sci-fi thriller that’s essentially described as “Lord of the Flies in space”.

The film follows a group of teenagers sent on a long expedition to colonize a distant planet with the goal of saving the human race. As time goes by, they begin to explore their primitive natures and soon fear, lust and a desire for power emerge and things descend into chaos.

That seems like a movie that will likely score an R-rating if taken to its logical extension, but the film released is a PG-13. Speaking with Collider, Burger says they originally got an R-rating and had to pull back by editing out some stuff:

“There was quite a bit of blood and… because they were young people as well, that suddenly is a red flag, if they had been a bunch of old people slaughtering each other that doesn’t bother them. We had a lot of blood in the movie that we had to pull back actually.”

Burger says he very much would like to do an unrated version of the film for its home video release, but that version wouldn’t be much longer

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