Mr. Sato attacks a massive castle of seafood at a new restaurant in Tokyo Skytree’s Solamachi

Originally published on Sora News by Krista Rogers

This particular dish with a really, really long name is a veritable gastronomic fortress waiting to be conquered. 

Our ace Japanese-language reporter Mr. Sato has always been of the opinion that when excessive amounts of food are heaped on top of each other the dish becomes a castle waiting to be breached. Perhaps this hyper-active imagination is part of the reason why he and his co-reporters take such delight in continually seeking out the most massive food challenges they can find.

Nidaime Noguchi Sengyoten (ニダイメ野口鮮魚店) opened on March 26 on the first floor of Tokyo Skytree’s Solamachi shopping,

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