Apple Announces New Apple TV 4K

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

As part of its first event of 2021, Apple finally announced a new 4K Apple TV and Siri Remote – the first hardware update of the media player box since 2017.

The biggest gripe people have had in the past, the remote, has been overhauled. It’s chunkier, back to the old aluminium and black color scheme, features back and mute buttons, and the touchpad has been replaced with a touch-enabled five-way click pad. The Siri button meanwhile has been moved to the right upper side (ala iPhones).

The box’s chip has been upgraded to the A12 Bionic and also now supports High Frame Rate HDR video (120hz) which is ideal for fast-action sports and documentaries.

The box also includes a new automatic calibration system that works with iPhones, its camera & sensors and your lighting/room conditions to adjust the picture to look its best.

There’s also audio sharing with two sets of AirPods now able to connect simultaneously. The new box will be available as a 32 GB version for $179 and a 64 GB version for $199. Pre-orders start April 30th ahead of a release in late May.

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