High fashion and kimono: Kyoto’s Wazigen Shizukuya ushers in new kimono couture for Spring 2021

Originally published on Sora News by Ingrid Tsai


Swagger through town with the latest from this premier kimono brand.

Kyoto-based Wazigen Shizukuya has wowed its fans and fashionistas alike with their striking, stylish renditions on Japan’s most revered and best-known clothing item: the kimono. Whether it’s winter or summer, the brand presents novel, eye-catching takes on the traditional Japanese garment and the Spring 2021 lineup is no exception with a plethora of new robes and accessories.

As spring is a season which allows respite between relentless cold and harsh heat, the offered kosodes (sleeved robe) are softer in hue and pattern. The flagship kodose for Spring

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