How influencers are changing games media and working with the industry | Bastion AFK Series

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Wednesday 21st April 2021

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In the latest in a series of features analysing the modern games media landscape, Bastion Director Ravi Vijh talks to three influencers about how they see their roles and responsibilities, their relationships with the industry and the keys to building (and retaining) a big audience.

Tommy (AKA TOMMYRAGE) from Two Angry Gamers ¬(84.6K Twitch followers)
Vikkstar123 (7.13m YouTube subscribers)
RadderssGaming (28.7K Twitch Followers)

How do you go about selecting content? Where is the balance between it reflecting your personal passions/current favourites and trying to build an audience?

Tommy from Two Angry Gamers

Tommy: A lot of people in this industry

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