Sebastian Stan, Gough On “Monday” Nudity

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

Hitting VOD last week, the indie romance drama “Monday” chronicles a man and woman who fall for each other whilst on a holiday in Greece.

As expected for an indie film there’s plenty of sex and nudity, the most talked about being a motorbike scene boasting full frontal nudity from both its stars – rising Irish actress Denise Gough and Marvel’s Winter Soldier himself Sebastian Stan.

The scene sees the pair’s characters racing around Athens at night on a bike before being arrested by the cops and taken away. The actors fully went for it – no skin colored undies, no CG genitals and no modesty – shooting starkers for for hours on end. Speaking with ET Canada, the actors say they relished the challenge:

Gough: We were before the days of intimacy coordinators, that’s one thing I will say. We just did it all, didn’t we Sebastian?

Sebastian Stan: … That’s one thing we should be proud of when we look back, I guess. We did run around Athens without any clothes on.

Gough: We ran around a lot without any clothes on. It’s Greece! Everyone runs around with no clothes on.

Stan: We did actually have that exact saying, often, whenever we were like, ‘Should we so this?’ We said, ‘Yeah but it’s

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