Rogen Plans Silent “Escape” Comedy

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

Comedian Seth Rogen has revealed that he has been working on a new action movie over the past five years, one “heavily inspired by Buster Keaton and Jackie Chan” he says.

Titled “Escape,” the project will rely almost entirely on physical comedy instead of dialogue for humor – as a result there is no script but rather a flipbook-style storyboarded narrative.

Speaking with The New York Times, Rogen says that the things people most remember about his work are the outsize physical ones – the fights, the airbags gags, the foot through the windshield in “Pineapple Express”. So:

“We were like, ‘Why are those just the supporting things? Why are those, amidst a sea of talky jokes, these things that pop up once in a while? Why don’t we make a bunch of these jokes and not rely on verbal humor?’”

Various films over the years have tried a similar technique, one of the more well known being 1967’s “The Plank”.

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