EA Responds To FIFA Loot Box Report

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

A few years back Electronic Arts got into a bit of strife over “Star Wars: Battlefront II” and that game’s various issues with microtransactions and loot boxes leading to a major fan backlash and outcry.

Loot boxes can offer random collections of virtual goods with the tantalizing (but often small) chance of winning something that offers an advantage. There is an ongoing discussion of the issue of loot boxes as a possible form of gambling (and thus subject to regulations), but talk on that front has died down in the years since.

A new report from CBC News (via The Verge) has posted an alleged leaked 54-page internal document from the company’s sports division in Burnaby, British Columbia where a team works on the hugely profitable “FIFA” soccer games.

The document reportedly appears to be a presentation, featuring numerous slides with bullet points, about the release of “FIFA 21” and was shared internally.

The document discusses a mode of play that lets players spend real-world money and in-game currency to buy loot boxes within the game to improve play or increase their chances of winning, such as by adding a better player to their team.


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