“Legends of Tomorrow” S6 Trailer Goes Wild

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

The CW’s “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” series is famed for its weirdness and willingness to embrace tonal and actual chaos where it can. The newly released full-length trailer for the about to arrive sixth season shows that things are only getting crazier.

In the space of two minutes, it pulls off a 30-second homage to 1960s and 1970s creature features, followed by a relatively sober 30-second setup of the actual stakes of the season, followed by another minute of sheer random lunacy that shows it hasn’t lost any of its wonderful insanity.

Speaking with EW, co-showrunner Phil Klemmer teases the new season’s big bad is mad genius Bishop (Raffi Barsoumian) who wants Sara to be his partner in order to save humanity. As she tries to escape, she lets a bunch of aliens loose in the timeline that the Legends will have to deal with.

Among the episodes are a Disney-animation episode that hired a bunch of Disney animators from the 1990s to make it look like the real thing, a “Clue” style episode about a “Werewolf-like card game come to life,” and an episode set in a fictional sitcom starring an Alf-like

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