Japanese cat enjoys walks in the rain with his adorable tiny umbrella【Photos】

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel


Not that long ago Miru was a stray, but now he’s living the good life.

A little over two years ago, Japanese Twitter user @yukamilboy was taking his dog for a walk when he came across a stray kitten. Noticing its frail condition, he took it to a vet for an examination, then brought it home to nurse it back to health.

今日のおはようミルちゃん!朝のゴミ出し後。前後の確認も忘れません。 pic.twitter.com/dAERjIJuc3

— ゆかみるぼー (@yukamilboy) April 19, 2021

Fast forward to today and the cat, who @yukamilboy named Miru, is still part of the household. But @yukamilboy didn’t just acquire a new pet, he acquired a new

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