“Flash” Movie Filming At Burghley House

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

Over thirty years ago, the production of Tim Burton’s “Batman” made use of the English estate of Knebworth House as the exterior for Wayne Manor – the mansion of Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne character. Interiors were shot at Hattfield House.

For 1992’s “Batman Returns,” Burton used a custom model for the exteriors. Chris Nolan’s “Batman Begins” used Mentmore Towers for exteriors, whilst his “The Dark Knight Rises” used Wollaton Hall.

Almost all other on-screen live-action appearances including “Batman Forever,” “Batman and Robin,” “Joker” and TV’s “Gotham” used New York’s Stevenson Taylor Hall.

This week, production personnel and trucks from “The Flash” movie were photographed around Burghley House near Stamford, Lincolnshire in the UK with this likely to be Wayne Manor in the film.

“Justice League” ended with Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne talking about rebuilding the charred remains of Wayne Manor to serve as headquarters for the Justice League.

Burghley House doesn’t fit with that purpose, but it does bear a striking resemblance to Wayne Manor in the 1989 film and would fit in with Keaton’s Bruce Wayne who appears in the film alongside Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Ron Livingston as Henry Allen, Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Maribel Verdu as Nora Allen and Sasha Calle as Supergirl.

Andy Muschietti is directing the movie from a script by Christina Hodson. It is currently set to hit theaters on November 4th 2022.