Exhibitors Set Cinema Return Event

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

It began with that Matthew McConaughey Oscars broadcast spot last month, now NATO and the MPA have begun the next phase of their ‘Big Screen is Back’ campaign initiative to get audiences back to cinemas in the United States.

May 19th will see a ‘micro CinemaCon’ of sorts taking place in Los Angeles as representatives from ten different studios will preview their upcoming releases and talent from some of the films is expected to be on hand.

The event promises to have: “never-before-seen footage, moderated Q&As, or conversations with filmmakers, all with a collaborative underlying message of support for the movie-going experience.”

How much, if any, of this footage will end up online is not clear at this time. Southern California will be entirely at 50% capacity by next week and at 100% capacity by June 15th, while New York City is targeting full capacity again on July 1st.