Warners Games Division Splitting Up?

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

Earlier today came the news that AT&T has struck a $43 billion deal with Discovery which will see the former unloading its content divisions into a new spinoff company.

One of the divisions caught in the middle is video game maker Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment – resulting in the studios that make up the games division likely to be split reports Axios’ Stephen Totilo (via Coming Soon).

Some will remain with AT&T, others will move to the new company. No other information was given about the merger, but the deal has caught many within WarnerMedia companies by surprise.

Eleven studios make up WBIE including Rocksteady Studios (“Batman: Arkham Knight”), Avalanche Software (“Disney Infinity”), Monolith Productions (“Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor”), NetherRealm Studios (“Injustice,” “Mortal Kombat”), TT Games (LEGO Games), Portkey Games, and the various city divisions of WB Games including Boston, Montreal, New York, San Diego and San Francisco.

What this means for upcoming game projects like Rocksteady’s “Suicide Squad: Kill the

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