Anpan Roundup: Mr. Sato’s odyssey to gather all Daily Yamazaki red bean buns local to Tokyo【Pics】

Originally published on Sora News by Ingrid Tsai

Can Mr. Sato collect them all or will he wilt beneath the early summer sun trying?

Stuffed with sweet red bean paste and consisting of a soft, doughy exterior, anpan is a timeless classic and a ubiquitous feature in bakeries across Japan. The baked sweet is so popular that convenience store chain Daily Yamazaki has offered a special luxurious version of the pastry stuffed with whipped cream. But what roused SoraNews24 poster man Mr. Sato‘s attention wasn’t the generous helping of red bean nor his temptation for sweets, but how Daily Yamazaki’s luxurious anpan were stamped with the

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