HBO Max With Ads Tier Launches Today

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WarnerMedia has officially launched its cheaper, ad-supported version of HBO Max today.

For a $9.99 monthly plan, the service promises no more than four minutes of commercials per hour of streaming content. There will also be frequency caps to ensure viewers will not see the same ad spot more than a few times.

That price is 33% off the regular $14.99 per month ad-free version, but still more expensive than the ad-included tiers of Hulu ($5.99), Paramount+ ($5.99) and Peacock ($4.99).

It’s a cheaper price but you also lose some key features with the ad-supported tier. There’s no offline viewing, streaming video quality will be capped at 1080p, and most importantly Warner Bros. Pictures same-day premieres throughout 2021 are not included in this tier.

Otherwise, the lineup of programming is the same on all HBO Max subscription tiers. It’s also confirmed that the ad-free tier will not play commercials during programming made specifically by HBO.

Also today, the company is launching one-year 16% annual discounts for new and returning subscribers. The ad-supported tier of HBO Max costs $99.99 per year and the ad-free one is $149.99 per year.

Source: Variety

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