Busy morning in Sapporo as bear attacks coincide with naked man walking around town【Videos】

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel


Hokkaido’s capital city gets a whole day’s worth of craziness in before noon.

Hokkaido often has an image as Japan’s untamed northern wilderness, but the prefectural capital of Sapporo is a city of nearly two million people. So when a bear made its way into a residential/commercial neighborhood in the city’s Higashi Ward on the morning of June 18, residents were spooked, and with good reason.

18日朝早く、札幌市東区の市街地にクマが出没し、警察によりますと、これまでに4人が襲われるなどしてけがをし手当てを受けているということです。https://t.co/Ke9blYLQZQ pic.twitter.com/VRZ4ZgP9V6

— NHKニュース (@nhk_news) June 18, 2021

The first reported sighting was made around 3:30 a.m., and at approximately 6 o’clock the bear attacked a man in his 70s while he was

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