Studio Chizu Animation Studio Celebrates 10th Anniversary at Yomiuri Land

Originally published on Moshi Moshi Nippon by MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON STAFF

Roppongi Museum is set to open its The Promised Neverland exhibition on July 17 where it will run until December 30. The exhibition covers the Grace Field House Jailbreak Arc, where guests can feel like they’re really walking through the house.

Newly illustrated artwork to be used on exclusive merchandise

Limited-edition museum exclusive merch line-up

Hangers | 3 Designs: Emma, Norman, Ray | ¥1,430 Each (Tax Included)

Pins | 10 Designs | ¥440 Each (Tax Included)

Acrylic Figures With Stills | 3 Designs: Emma, Norman, Ray | ¥1,430 Each (Tax Included)

Croquis Notebook | ¥990 (Tax

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