Capsule hotel offers amazing deal, cheaper than an apartment in Tokyo

Originally published on Sora News by Oona McGee

With incredible perks like food, alcohol, onsen and Wi-Fi included, you can live here long-term without having to spend money on anything else! 

There are a lot of capsule hotels vying for the attention of visitors around Japan, but one chain that’s definitely worth checking in to is Anshin Oyado Premier. With one hotel in Nagoya, one in Kyoto, and five in Tokyo, located at Shimbashi Shiodome, Shimbashi Station, SuginamiAkihabara and Shinjuku, Anshin Oyado’s locations are conveniently situated close to train stations and are particularly popular with students and business travellers, due to their great value-for-money deals.

▼ Their Shinjuku

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