“Star Trek: Motion Picture” Director’s Cut In 4K

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Paramount Pictures and Paramount+ have announced a full restoration of the Director’s Edition of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” with plans for a 4K release in 2022.

Previously only released on DVD, the director’s cut of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” alters around 10% of the film’s content and allowed filmmaker Robert Wise to complete the film in a manner he had originally envisioned along with the clean up of the film’s picture and sound.

The resulting film not only trimmed some of the dud scenes (the post-wormhole jiggling, the V’ger flyover shots with flaws) and tightened the pace, but also boasts multiple new visual effects shots – clearing up mistakes in the old one and adding a few new ones to showcases a grander scale.

Several character-based scenes that were previously edited out were also put back in. In many ways, it was what the “Star Wars: Special Edition” could have been with judicious rather than indulgent use of effects and maintaining as much of the original intent as possible. The result was a decided (if not vast) improvement on the original flawed film.

The new 4K version will be overseen by producer David C. Fein, restoration supervisor Mike Matessino, and visual effects supervisor Daren R. Dochterman, all of whom worked previously with director Robert Wise.

The restoration will result in a 4K Ultra HD presentation with Dolby Vision HDR and a new Dolby Atmos soundtrack. It is expected to take 6-8 months and will launch with an exclusive window on the Paramount+ service.

The first four old films, including the Motion Picture’s theatrical cut only, will be coming in a 4K Ultra HD boxset on September 7th. The remaining six films are expected to follow in subsequent months with this director’s edition of the first arriving sometime next year.

Speaking of this franchise, Paramount has announced a Friday July 23rd Comic-Con@Home panel for their Paramount+ service which will include sneak peeks at the new season of the animated comedy “Star Trek: Lower Decks” and the new kid-skewing series “Star Trek: Prodigy”.

Source: StarTrek.com

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