“Ghostwire: Tokyo” Delayed To 2022

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

The highly anticipated PlayStation 5-exclusive game “Ghostwire: Tokyo,” which hails from “The Evil Within” developer Tango Gameworks, has been delayed until early 2022.

The story unfolds in a “haunted Tokyo” in which 99% of the population inexplicably disappears and it is now overrun by supernatural forces. It’s up to you to restore the natural order.

The company has issued a statement explaining it is working hard to bring a quality game experience to eager fans but wants to keep the health of its employees a priority as well.

Most of the responses to the delay news however has been understanding and respect for the developer’s decision as more players than ever seem to not worry about delays if it results in a better game.

The past eighteen months or so have seen some of the biggest and most respected game studio developers in the business from Rockstar to Naughty Dog embroiled in controversy over ‘crunch’ conditions and employee burnout. Combined with delays caused by the pandemic, it’s one of the key reasons 2021 has been fairly light on the game release front.