James Wan Talks “Malignant” Influences

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

Following on from the first trailer for his top-secret new film “Malignant” arriving the other day, director James Wan has now spoken about this return to the horror genre five years after his last visit with 2016’s “The Conjuring 2”.

The trailer keeps things fairly vague, only indicating that actress Annabelle Wallis plays a character who is experiencing terrifying visions which tie into a brutal killer. Talking to IGN, he touched upon the choice of title which is both vague and yet has several interpretations:

“I’m a big fan of titles that have multiple meanings, and with Saw, we felt there’s one part of that that obviously refers to the visceral aspect of a tool, but at the same time, it touched a bit on what the voyeuristic aspect of the film was as well. And so with Malignant, I just felt like this title really encompasses the tone of the film, the subject matter, which actually has a fair bit of medical horror attached to it.

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