Mythical Japanese beast statues fly through air on copter ride back to Nagoya Castle home【Videos】

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel

Kinshachi head back to the roof after spending the last few months on the ground.

You’d probably guess that Nagoya Castle, standing tall in downtown Nagoya, is a symbol of the city, and you’d be right…or at least half-right. While it’s definitely Nagoya’s biggest landmark in terms of size, a number of other Japanese cities have castles too, and so the the real symbol of Nagoya is what makes its castle special: the kinshachi.

夜の金シャチもおススメです!天気のいい日には和傘を使った展示も行っています #名古屋城金シャチ特別展覧

— 名古屋城金シャチ特別展覧 (@kinshachi2021) May 12, 2021

Kinshachi translates literally as “golden killer whale,” but like a number of other creatures in Japanese folklore,

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