“Dead Space” Remake Aiming To Stay True

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

As much as fans of the original “Dead Space” games are keen to check out the remake, they also have long memories.

Visceral Games created the original two critically acclaimed games, hardcore space horror titles and niche games by design instead of wide-appealing action titles.

When it came time to do the third one, EA demanded changes after the four million unit sales of the second weren’t enough. Those changes forced the introduction of co-op play into what is a single-player franchise. They also quickened the pace to a more action-oriented tone and added in micro-transactions.

The resulting work sank the franchise. Reviews were much softer, and sales plummeted with Visceral folding a few years later. Shortly after that, EA famously made global headlines for its practices involving microtransactions due to the “Star Wars: Battlefront II” controversy.

Cut to this week, and “Dead Space” is now getting a ground-up remake by EA’s Motive Studios. Though there is genuine excitement surrounding the news, there’s also wariness and fear as well that EA will once again demand changes or performance sales numbers that the game either should not or can not deliver.

Speaking with IGN, EA Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele confirmed the game will not contain any microtransactions and explains the company is aware that the business model is not fit for every title:

“We want to make games that deliver the experiences our players are looking for. Sometimes that is a single-player story-focused experience, where players can immerse themselves in another world.

Other players want us to show up every day with new content and events in our live services like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, The Sims, Apex [Legends], and FIFA, to name a few.

We want players to choose

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