Now’s your chance to ask Studio Ghibli ANYTHING you want about Princess Mononoke

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel

Legendary anime studio will answer questions about Hayao Miyazaki’s 1997 classic via Twitter.

Few films capture the imagination quite like the works of Studio Ghibli. Filled not just with amazing visuals and stirring soundtracks, but eclectic inspirations, rich symbolism, and subtle character moments, Ghibli’s anime aren’t just captivating to watch, but compelling to think about from a variety of angles.

So there’s good reason to be very excited right now, as Ghibli is asking for fans to send in questions about Princess Mononoke, which will then be answered via the official Ghibli account!

金曜よる9時からは #3週連続夏はジブリ の第1弾「#もののけ姫」をノーカットで放送📺放送まで待てないという方に、王家の血を受け継ぐ少年 #アシタカ と山犬に育てられた少女

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