Winning Group of SKY-HI Audition BE:FIRST Releases Pre-Debut Track

Originally published on Moshi Moshi Nippon by MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON STAFF

Following the sudden release of PEACE&LOVE under her new solo project cluppo on April 1, BAND-MAID member Kobato Miku (Gt.&Vo.) will be dropping her second single, Flapping Wings, on August 10th, 2021.

BAND-MAID is known around the world for their cute maid cuteness and hard rock music. 

In addition, PEACE&LOVE and Flapping Wings will be released as a double A-side single.

Through her new project, Kobato Miku, creator of BAND-MAID, has created the new HIPPIE-POPPO genre of music, a sound that reinterprets the music of the 70’s. The genre is full of sweet and peaceful tunes, contrasting the heavy rock

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