“Evangelion” Blu-Ray Boxset Announced

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

GKIDS has announced a limited Blu-ray ultimate edition boxset release of Hideaki Anno’s iconic and ground-breaking 1990s anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion”.

This will mark the first time ‘Evangelion’ will be available on Blu-ray in North America in a package featuring all 26 episodes of the original series as well as the films “Evangelion:Death (True)2” and “The End of Evangelion. The Ultimate Edition”.

The classic sub and dub versions of the series are included which suggests the original English dub used in the 1990s and DVD versions is here as opposed to the contentious updated ones used on the Netflix release.

There’s also limited edition artwork, a 156-page artbook, Art Boards, NERV ID Card with Lanyard, and Sachiel Resin Paperweight. The set runs $274.99 and releases on December 8th – pre-orders are up now on the GKIDS store with only 5000 sets being made.

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