Japan’s number-one cosplayer Enako reveals shocking amount she earns from manga gravure modeling

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel


Enako finds a new way to surprise us with how much money she’s making.

There’s no perfect consensus on who Japan’s best cosplayer is, but there are very few who can challenge Enako in terms of fame or income. With the size of the crowds she draws and the height of her earnings equally enviable, Enako has also been branching out into other sectors of the entertainment industry, such as tarento (media personality) and gravure modeling work.

▼ A selection of recent magazines Enako has graced the covers of

#えなこ夏の表紙ジャック 今週は6誌飾らせていただきました!

限定写真集が応募者全員に当たるキャンペーンもあるので、是非集めてみてね〜〜🥳https://t.co/ht2AUgeMfW pic.twitter.com/30QaFXujQL

— えなこ@8月表紙15誌 (@enako_cos) August 6, 2021


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