Nissin Cup Noodle flavours become Umaibo snacks, and we try every one of them

Originally published on Sora News by Oona McGee

This sought-after limited-edition series is so rare it can’t be purchased in stores.

Just the other day, Nissin announced it would be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Cup Noodle, the world’s first cup noodle, by teaming up with Yaokin for a special range of Umaibo snacks, and people around the nation immediately lit up with excitement.

Umaibo, which translates to “Delicious Stick“, is a crunchy rod of puffed corn that’s been tantalising the taste buds of children and adults since it first debuted on the market in 1979. Priced at 10 yen (US$0.09) for the past 42 years, these

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