One minute is all you need to make this popular instant noodle meal from Okayama【SoraKitchen】

Originally published on Sora News by Dale Roll

Part spaghetti, part Asian noodle, all deliciousness…you’ll want to get your hands on some…if you can find them!

At SoraNews24, we love delicious food, but we especially love when we can either get it for super cheap or make it super fast. That’s why we were pretty excited to try out a quick-cook meal that has almost a cult following Okayama Prefecture, in the southwestern area of Japan.

It’s called “Cruedo Spaghetti-style Noodles”, and it’s made up of noodles that are not quite Italian-style spaghetti but also not quite Japanese noodle: part east, part west, but all tastiness.

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