Hotel Nikko Nara Teams Up with JR Tokai for Special Shinkansen Shaved Ice

Originally published on Moshi Moshi Nippon by MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON STAFF

Eyewear brand JINS has collaborated with popular anime Jujutsu Kaisen to produce the new ‘JINS x Jujutsu Kaisen’ collaboration frames, which will be available on the JONS online shop and in limited quantities in JINS stores nationwide between October 10 and October 25 2021. 


Itadori Yuuji Model ¥5,500 (Tax Incl.)

Fushiguro Megumi Model: ¥8,800 (Tax Incl.)

Kugisaki Nobara Model: ¥13,200 (Tax Incl.) 

Zenin Maki Model: ¥13,200 (Tax Incl.)

Inumaki Toge Model: ¥13,200 (Tax Incl.)

Nanami Kento Model|l: ¥13,200 (Tax Incl.)

Gojou Satoru Model: ¥13,200 (Tax

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