Mr. Sato enjoys the good Life and loads up on food to get loaded with【Japan’s Best Home Senbero】

Originally published on Sora News by Master Blaster

Our writers get a new lease on Life.

Previously on Japan’s Best Home Senbero: Normally well-skilled in the art of creating a small meal with alcohol for about 1,000 yen (US$8.91) — known as a “senbero” in Japanese — Mr. Sato was handed a crushing defeat at the hands of his former pupil Masanuki Sunakoma.

Having turned to the dark side of the senbero arts, Masanuki successfully stole Mr. Sato’s microwaved carrot and scoffed at his burnt burger buns.

Not knowing what to do next, our Senbero God Mr. Sato decided the best course of action

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