Japanese airline introduces one-month all-you-can-fly pass for under US$200

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel


The word houdai always gets people excited, but this time it’s on a whole other level.

One of the happiest words you can hear in Japan is “houdai.” It basically translates to “all you can,” and you’ll find it in such joy-inducing offers as tabehoudai/all-you-can-eat and nomihoudai/all-you-can-drink deals at bars and restaurants.

Not there’s a new houdai to smile about, the Peach-houdai. No, it’s not an all-you-can-eat produce plan, but a special pass that gives you unlimited flights on Japanese airline Peach.

The Peach-houdai Pass allows holders to fly anywhere they want on Peach’s 33 domestic routes in

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