Genuine Muramasa blade and Muromachi katana on display at Tokyo’s Touken Ranbu store【Photos】

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel

The game/anime franchise about anthropomorphized Japanese swords is offering a chance to see some real ones.

You can find all sorts of plushies, pins, and other trinkets at Touken Ranbu Yorozuyahonpo, the specialty shop dedicated to video game/anime franchise Touken Ranbu. But since Touken Ranbu is a series about historical samurai swords getting reincarnated as handsome men, sometimes the store has actual historical samurai swords.

No, they’re not for sale, but they are on display for visitors to admire, and so we recently made our way to the Touken Ranbu Yorozuyahonpo inside Tokyo’s Shibuya Parco complex to

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