Pokémon and Japan Sumo Association announce partnership

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel


Pokémon will appear on kensho hata and keshomawashi at sumo grand tournaments in Tokyo and Fukuoka.

Sumo is generally considered to be the quintessential Japanese sport, combining athletic prowess with several of the country’s cultural and religious traditions. However, if we expand the scope of the discussion to include contests depicted in anime and Japanese video games, then you could definitely make an argument that the most Japanese sport of all is Pokémon battling.

And in that case, why not a team-up between the Pokémon Company and the Nihon Sumo Kyokai/Japan Sumo Association?

#ピカチュウ が…⚡

これから何が起きるか気になりますね…👀https://t.co/inasflhqY6 pic.twitter.com/Em3MlHthKy

— ポケモン情報局【公式】 (@poke_times)

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