Japanese Twitter users call upon the power of KFC to protect them from unwanted ads

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel


Believers say the chain’s Japanese nickname is a deep-fried charm of protection.

KFC is one of Japan’s favorite fast food chains, and so there’s always a lot of online buzz when they release a new menu item or offer a deep discount. So ordinarily it wouldn’t have been too shocking to see “Kentucky,” as fans in Japan call KFC, trending on Japanese Twitter, like it was earlier this week.

▼ “Kentucky” (ケンタッキー), hitting the number-one trending rank on Monday

トレンドになってますね😂 pic.twitter.com/INOKlJTEv7

— まろさん (@Maron__Coron__) November 15, 2021

So what was causing all the KFC-related tweets? Was the chain bringing

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