Adventure crafting game Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure announced for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Originally published on Famitsu - Gematsu by Sal Romano

Snowcastle Games” href=””>Snowcastle Games has announced Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure” href=””>Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure, an Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley-inspired Adventure [187 articles]” href=””>adventure crafting game for PS5 [2,409 articles]” href=”″>PlayStation 5, Xbox Series [1,879 articles]” href=””>Xbox Series, PS4 [22,769 articles]” href=”″>PlayStation 4, Xbox One [10,653 articles]” href=””>Xbox One, and PC [14,559 articles]” href=””>PC (Steam). It will launch first as an Early Access title for PC.

“We are so excited to finally be able to share the next step in the Earthlock franchise with players,” said Snowcastle Games game director

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