Classic 3D platformer Glover coming to Steam on April 20

Originally published on Famitsu - Gematsu by Sal Romano

Piko Interactive [3 articles]” href=””>Piko Interactive will release the Steam version of classic Platformer [57 articles]” href=””>platformer Glover” href=””>Glover on April 20, the publisher announced.

Glover first launched for Nintendo 64 and PC [14,549 articles]” href=””>PC in November 1998, followed by PlayStation in October 1999.

Here is an overview of the Steam version:


Save the world… single-handed!

The Kingdom’s peaceful world has been shattered! The wizard, while mixing potions with his magical gloves has caused a huge explosion, turning him instantly to stone and dislodging the seven crystals that give the Kingdom its energy. Without the

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