Knockout City to go free-to-play this spring

Originally published on Famitsu - Gematsu by Sal Romano

Knockout City [5 articles]” href=””>Knockout City will go Free-to-Play [31 articles]” href=””>free-to-play and be self-published by developer Velan Studios [9 articles]” href=””>Velan Studios starting with Season 6 this spring, the company announced.

Before that, Season 5: Greatest Hits, will begin on March 1. It will be a celebration of the best that the first year of Knockout City had to offer, such as Superpowers, Chain Reaction, Basketbrawl, and more, including some surprises.

As for the publisher change, Knockout City is currently published by Electronic Arts [1,652 articles]” href=””>Electronic Arts under the EA Originals label. According to Velan

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