Megaton Musashi ‘Free Update Vol. 1: Counterattack Boost Patch’ launches in December

Originally published on Famitsu - Gematsu by Sal Romano

LEVEL-5 [686 articles]” href=”″>Level-5 will release a large-scale free update for Megaton Musashi [21 articles]” href=””>Megaton Musashi in December in Japan, the developer announced.

The update, dubbed the “Free Update Vol. 1: Counterattack Boost Patch,” will add a mission to battle the powerful large-scale boss Dino, the new power-up system “Overlimit,” as well as yet to be revealed Rogues (robots) and kabuki functions (special moves).

Additionally, Level-5 will release further updates beyond December adding new missions and Rogues.

Megaton Musashi launched for PS4 [22,190 articles]” href=”″>PlayStation 4 and Switch [10,629 articles]” href=””>Switch today in Japan.

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